As an adult, it seems as though I am setting goals for myself constantly. I have goals for myself as a wife, a mother, a teacher…Setting goals is one thing, but how do you actually ensure that you accomplish them? The key is to set realistic goals that you can work towards (goals that have an end in sight). What about with students? Since reading “the CAFE Book” by Boushey & Moser, I finally understand how to help my students identify and set goals in readinBurnout then I thought, “What about math?” Cchi six and seven year olds identify an area of need and work towards it? After reading “Guided Math” by Laney Sammons I think the answer is yes. I’ve taken the Common Core standards and created a “Math Map” much like the Two Sisters Literacy CAFE Menu and conferences with each of mystudents about what skills they thought they should work on. Surprisingly, they knew…We then identified which activities they do to work towards their goals. The result was increased student ownership and a renewed sense of excitement in the classroom!