Progression vs Regression-Where do You Stand?

As I am busy preparing for a new school year, I have found myself often thinking back to last year. It was a dynamic year filled with learning, reflection, and information that revolutionized the way I teach. I learned about guided math and coached my students in declaring and working towards math goals. I learned how to get the most time-on-task out of my students as I generalized what I knew about teaching independent behaviors in reading to math. My planning time was deliberate and I strove to prepare purposeful lessons for my first graders. The result was many “Aha!” moments as I watched math making more sense to me than ever. Even though everything went so well, I must embarrassingly admit that recently a small part of my did feel tempted to go back to the way things were. (To teach math mainly through whole group instruction without my small guided math groups.). “The old way is easier,” I told myself. “I could be done already.” I was at a point where a decision had to be made. I could do what I’ve done for so long because of ease, or I could continue to stretch myself and grow. You can probably guess what I chose! I chose to continue my quest and to not abandon my goals and dreams from last year. How about you? What will you choose to do with your time this year? Who will you impact as you take a risk and try something new?



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