How My iPad Has Transformed My Teaching

I am super excited to start another school year. What makes this different than past years is that I am starting the year with 6 iPads and I actually have a clue how to use them well in my teaching. Elementary teachers in my district have the unique opportunity to meet individually with students at the end of August so that we can complete specific reading and math assessments. This allows us to start the school year knowing the current reading level of each student so that we can get reading groups going quicker. This translates into more teaching time. I spent the summer helping my team mates prepare their iPads as assessment tools. Through apps such as “PDF Notes” and “Dropbox” we were able to upload copies of the assessment forms that accompany the Fountas and Pinnell benchmark kit. Rather than making tons of copies at school, I enjoyed creating my electronic student files from the comfort of my home. I quickly learned that all of the assessments we have been doing could be uploaded onto my iPad. I am a huge fan of “penseives” (binders created to collect reading assessment info. as described by the authors of “the CAFE Book”). I was able to keep every aspect of my previous assessment binder but now will enjoy greater ease as I get up and meet students at their work areas as I confer. There will be no more lost/misplaced reading plans. I won’t have to fight the pages in my binder as it grows past capacity in January. What a wonderful year I have to look forward to!


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