Nearpod Presentation at SLATE

We are excited to meet those of you who are attending the iPad K-8 Explosion pre-conference session at SLATE this year!  There are a few things that we would like you to do in preparation.

For our “Supercharge Your Elementary Literacy Instruction with iPads” presentation, you will need to have the newest version of “Nearpod” downloaded (available after November 1, 2012).  The newest version is just one app.

The newest version of the app is labeled “Nearpod.” The older version consisted of two apps. One was labeled “student.”

Bring a set of headphones.

Please bring a set of headphones along with to the conference so that you can enjoy our many videos and examples of student work.
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Our group presents from 4:40-5:30 p.m.  Since there are 100 people registered for the session, we are requesting that you do the following in advance to reduce Nearpod connection issues:

*Log in to the Nearpod app prior to the 1:00 pre-conference start time. (The information will be released on the morning of December 3rd allowing you to log in as soon as you get the PIN.)
*Enter the presentation PIN code that will be provided to launch the slideshow presentation (You will receive notification of the unique PIN code via the following ways: 1. by Twitter-follow @BillieRengo to receive a tweet 2. By blog: I will announce the pin here that morning.
*Keep Nearpod logged in.  You may continue to utilize your iPad as normal throughout the day.

Type the unique PIN code in the box labeled “student.”

At the start of our presentation, open Nearpod back up and enjoy the interactive session we have in store.
Due to the large number of attendees, waiting to log in until the start of our session will potentially be too much for the Internet bandwidth to handle preventing Nearpod from working properly.

**Look for our group when you arrive at the conference room to get a special ticket for a drawing to be held at the end of our presentation.  You will need to sign your name on the piece of paper and include your Nearpod username.


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