A Great PDF Annotation App

A Great PDF Annotation App


Are you interested in learning about how you can transform your iPad into a record keeping tool?  Would you like to use it to conduct and organize running records?  Perhaps you’d like to use a PDF annotation app with your students and have them complete graphic organizers and write directly on the iPad without the need of making paper copies.  Whatever your purpose is, the process is the same.  With the use of the apps “Dropbox” and “PDF Notes” you can store information at your fingertips while saving paper.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to work with a group of enthusiastic Kindergarten teachers in my district that were interested in uploading the Fountas and Pinnell benchmark assessment forms onto their iPads so that they could record student running record data.  Together we went through the whole process, and to help I created the following step-by-step guide.  I know from my own experience that the questions come after when I am working on something in my own at home.  Hopefully you will find the guide helpful as well.

Whether you are uploading graphic organizers or running record forms, the process is the same.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Setting up your iPad to conduct and organize running records