Take Your Presentations to the Next Level with Nearpod!

image credit: itunes.apple.com
image credit: itunes.apple.com

I am a big fan of using Nearpod to create interactive presentations to use with my students and colleagues.  You can transform a PowerPoint into something spectacular and grab everyone’s attention by adding some interactive qualities such as polls, quizzes, videos, weblinks, and even a “Draw It” which allows individuals to respond, by writing or drawing a picture, to a prompt that you give.  This is perfect for students of any age because it requires them to apply what you are trying to teach them.  If you have an upgraded version, you can even view saved reports to analyze individual student answers to questions.

People have approached me and asked if I had anything that would help them learn to create their own.  I created a step-by-step guide (complete with pictures) to help alleviate any confusion.  After a little bit of practice, I know that you too will be making your own Nearpod presentations to dazzle your students or colleagues.  Enjoy!

Creating a Nearpod Presentation How-To Task Analysis


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