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Integrating Comprehension Strategies into Mathematics Instruction

One of the building goals in my school is for teachers to integrate comprehension strategies into our mathematics instruction to help students truly understand the concepts we are trying to teach on a deeper level.  We already have a strong foundation of how the strategies apply to reading and now we are striving to make the connection in math as well.  As I began to learn more about the topic, I got really excited as I taught math in my own classroom.  I am not only convinced that they help students understand math better, but I believe it has helped me be more succinct as well.  Math just makes more “sense” to me now!  I will be sharing the following presentation with my colleagues next Tuesday.  The strategies I am focusing on initially are making connections, visualizing, predicting, and inferring.  The works of Laney Sammons, author of “Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction” and Arthur Hyde, author of “Comprehending Math: Adapting Reading Strategies to Teach Mathematics, K-6” are the foundation for this presentation.

comprehending math (A helpful brochure to accompany the presentation.)